Welcome To Travels With Shelby!


Wow, is this really happening? Yep, it sure is. Welcome to Travels with Shelby; a platform for travels geographically as well as deep into the depths of the human psyche. I've wanted a personal platform to be able to share stories, experiences and muses around the stuff that makes up life. 

Travel has always been a really big priority throughout my life, and travel can look as grand as sailing up the Caribbean, or as simple as going to the next town over from where you live and find the treasure of a new favorite coffee shop.

Travel to me symbolizes a constant exploration or expansion of what we know life to be. Traveling geographically will expose you to new ways of life, but it also challenges your internal terrain of what you know to be truth, what you believe about ourself and of the life your living.

So here it is. Travels with me, Shelby. We'll kick off this platform with my first series, documenting the ins and outs of a recent boat delivery I had the privilege of being a part of; delivering a 50' Saba Catamaran up island from Martinique to it's new home in Charter House's fleet in the U.S. Virgin Islands.