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Day 5: Sharing Grapes With A Grown Ass Man: Reconnecting With My Own Humanity Hiking The Syndicate Waterfalls, Dominica

In yoga we do all this talk about “creating a connection with other human beings” and “being the light,” and yet, it’s like, “Oh, share my water bottle with a total stranger who lives on a rural island? Ew no.” I shared grapes with a total stranger. And it rocked my humanity.

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Day 5: Jurassic Park Meets Pinterest--Hiking The Syndicate Trail On Dominica

The Syndicate Trail is a gorgeous, vibrant trail to hike on Dominica. Here’s our experience of the island, and there’s an embarassing story thrown in here, too. If you’re a free spirit or nature lover of any sort, you will thoroughly enjoy Syndicate Trail, and Dominica in general. It’s lush and vibrant flora and fauna is king of all the Caribbean islands.

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