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Day 4: How To Use The Toilet On A Sailboat--Sailing Tips And Tricks.

Boat Toilets Demystified: How To Use A Toilet On A Yacht If you've ever been on a sailing catamaran, a day boat, or any other kind of not-quite-mega-yacht sailing vessel, you've probably had this moment of panic when it's came time your business. Here’s a walk through video tutorial on how to use a toilet on a boat. You’re welcome.

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How To Pack For A 2 Week Sailing Trip in the Caribbean? Clothing Check List

Martinique to St. Thomas. Four hundred and something nautical miles, 11 islands. 5 Hailing Countries and Cultures. Possible sunshine, thunderstorms, bad seas, above sea level, below sea level. How the HECK do you pack for all of that?! And if you have the photography / film bug -- how do you bring your gear to capture all of these amazing places, people and culture?! Today we're diving into the Clothing element of this equation.

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